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E8 Funding - Get a funded forex account with E8 Funding leading prop trading firm

From Traders, To Traders.

Future of Forex Trading.

We offer innovative approaches to providing opportunities for Forex traders worldwide. At E8 Funding, we're not just a company; we're traders with a passion for uncovering hidden talent within our community. We've diligently developed unique evaluation programs and accessible trading platforms, enabling traders to learn, earn, and trade remotely from any location across the globe.

Our platform is designed to be user-friendly, supplying traders with essential information backed by the industry's most advanced technology. We offer access to simulated market feeds, delivering real-time trading conditions to help our traders excel. As we aim to be the premier choice for Forex traders seeking to enhance their skills, we continuously strive to elevate the trading experience through our innovative solutions.

The Future of Forex Trading

We believe in an innovative and straightforward trading approach, that trader will enjoy more than anywhere else in the industry; while offering the best support.

E8X Dashboard

Our simple, user-friendly dashboard,. The best way to analyze your most important trading insights.

U.S. Based Company

No games, or tricks we simply do what we say. We pride ourselves on transparency and honesty.

Realible Executives

Made for traders, by traders. We know what you need to succeed.

E8 Trader

As you sharpen your skills in risk management, you'll also have the chance to earn while you learn.

Become an E8 Talent Hunter

Join us in scouting talented traders and earn money.

Whole 20% commission from your first affiliate sale.
No tiers, No rank building.

Talent Hunter benefits

We offer a portion of our revenues to Talent Hunters who work with us to recruit great traders, and we reward them from first purchase of the trader.

We aim to offer the best experience in the forex trading industry with top-notch technology and unique programs. Stand beside a product you can be proud to promote.

The Forex industry is full of over-complicated and outdated solutions for education and trading opportunities. We want to provide you with the tools you need as an E8 Talent Hunter to create an extra revenue stream and make Talent Hunting a career option for anyone interested in recruiting talented traders with E8!

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