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Meet E8 Funding

Why go with us?

An Innovative Dashboard Experience

The all-in-one analytics solution with the most important statistics needed for success; in an easy-to-use dashboard. Optimized for all devices.

E8X Dashboard Account - - E8 Funding - Get a funded forex account with E8 Funding leading prop trading firm

Fast Setup

Our E8 Funding server on MT4 allows us to give you the quickest setup. Once you sign up for any of our accounts, you will receive your trading credentials, instantly.

Track Your Progress

You trade while we take care of the rest. All of your vital trading information is updated frequently in your account dashboard; setting you up for success.


Always with you.

Always In Your Pocket.

Designed with user-experience in mind. View important statistics and results on your phone, tablet, or computer on the go. Trade from your MT4 platform and quickly see updates in our interactive app: the E8X dashboard.

E8 Drawdown Scaling Plan

Scale each withdrawal. Up to 14%.

*Possible to do under 3 months

Increase your account balance and your overall drawdown each time you earn profits through our scaling program. Each time you request earnings we will automatically increase your drawdown by 1%, up to 14% overall. Your account balance will also increase according to your results, even after you receive your earnings!

Step 1

Simply request your earnings once your account is eligible through our funding center.

Step 2

Receive your 80% of your earnings in 8 days and then bi-weekly.

Step 3

E8 will keep the funds you earned in the balance, and you will continue trading with the balance you earned.

Step 4

Earn 1% additional drawdown risk each time you earn on performance, up to 14% total drawdown overall.

E8 Features and Account Extras

8 Hours Ø Payout Time

Receive your letsdeel contract the same day you request your performance earnings. The moment the earnings are confirmed you are free to continue trading on your funded account with scaled balance and drawdown without need of excessive waiting time.

E8X Dashboard Withdrawals - - E8 Funding - Get a funded forex account with E8 Funding leading prop trading firm
Account Retry

Finished the account in profit, but didnt reached the profit target?

Hit the retry button and get yourself a new evaluation free of charge.

Account Extension

If you are 4% up on your evaluation, but don’t have enough time to finish it.

We will grant you extra 14 days of trading time to meet your trading objectives.

E8X Apps

Get Paid in
8 Days

Your first profit split is eligible eight days after placing a trade on your E8 Funded account.

Maximum drawdown
up to 14%

Increase your overall drawdown by 1% with each successful withdrawal you make on your E8 Funded account; up to 14% drawdown overall.

No Minimum trading days

Get funded in 1 day—no minimum trading days on phases or funded accounts.

No Trading limitations

Trade with any strategy you prefer; we have no limitations on managing your trading accounts as long as you avoid the drawdown limitations.

E8X Leaderboard


Experience the thrill of our live leaderboard, showcasing the elite performers among our traders! Witness record-breaking withdrawals, lightning-fast evaluations, and the ultimate risk-reward and win-ratio champions! Get inspired and join the trading adventure today!

E8X Dashboard Leaderboard

E8 ANOVO - Analysis of Volume

This revolutionary tool provides an in-depth analysis of our trading volumes, giving you an edge over the market.

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